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Welcome to Global Learning Village

Welcome to the Global Learning Village. In a world overwhelmed with information, where is wisdom? The GLV seeks the wisdom of crowds, business, governments and non-government agencies, the philanthropic and community sectors, mavericks, iconoclasts and free thinkers. This is your chance to workshop ideas, connect and collaborate to create smarter, healthier, better connected communities.

This is where your voice can be heard and your innovative ideas road tested. It’s a platform to connect individuals and communities. The GLV sows the seeds of creativity, nurtures the relationships necessary to flourish and reaps the harvest of opportunities in the community interest.

The GLV is driven by ongoing collaboration. Its aim is to defy the silo mentality, turf war, institutional ego and bureaucratic inertia that strangle creativity and innovation. A key focus is attitude, education and opportunity, the attributes that largely determine where everyone ends up in life. Areas of interest include innovation, technology, enterprise, social inclusion, community development and lifelong learning.

The GLV model has been nominated for the internationally prestigious Metropolis Awards for 2011. This is for the proof of concept in connecting community hubs such as libraries and maternal and childcare centres to the digital age. This also connected the disconnected via computers instead of poker machines. The GLV brokered the deals to deliver social infrastructure that usurped what had long been regarded as the immutable laws of power, politics and money that ruled that such infrastructure was gifted to marginal electorates ahead of areas of greater need.

Let us know your ideas on how to create better opportunities. Become part of the Global Learning Village now.

Yours faithfully
Frank McGuire
Global Learning Village

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    Many many qiuatly points there.--Aira. Commented at:25th August 2011, 14:56:31
    Hi Frank Would love to join your community to share and develop ideas. I'm in the middle of pulling together a plan to improve the way we communicate and interact with our stakeholders here in Victor--Sue Keirnan. Commented at:30th May 2011, 13:57:28
    Happy to join global learning village. It's a fantastic opportunity to contribute, collaborate and support our communities. We can all learn together:-)--Renee Hoareau. Commented at:27th January 2011, 13:19:26
    Hi Frank--Paul Wright. Commented at:27th January 2011, 10:54:07
    Congratulations Frank, this is a great site and a great initiative. Here is my website: Let us know how you go. I'll put it out to my network on twitter as well.--Jo McLeay. Commented at:20th January 2011, 15:44:42
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