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The GLV will feature the Global Social Innovation Centre. It will report on the best, evidence based programs and international innovations. This is the most efficient and effective way to use technology to gather cutting edge initiatives and the best evidence based programs and social innovations with significant, practical benefit for local communities.

The Global Social Innovation Centre will publish and broadcast the stories of innovation so people from communities throughout Australia and across the world can communicate using Web 2.0 technology to share ideas and solve problems. This would have a significant impact by revealing innovatives from the US and Europe to reinvent rustbelt manufacturing cities, to the latest use of super fast broadband in Asia and how this is transforming lives and communities.

The Global Learning Village model helps reinvent communities for the digital age as smarter, healthier and more inclusive. It will define nations committed to lifelong learning and take the leadership position to turn the most innovative, life changing and life saving ideas from around the world into local benefits.

The GLV is a unique model that defines communities around place, people and purpose. Its integrated strategy combines governments, business, community, the philanthropic sector and the academy with mavericks, iconoclasts and free thinkers to seed innovation, nurture creativity and harvest practical ideas. The GLV model delivers practical idealism. Its hubs are local landmarks that connect the built and virtual communities for the 21st century. They are designed to retrofit areas left behind for social inclusion and provide fresh models of how to establish the new fringe suburbs, towns and cities needed to underwrite the next era of prosperity. GLV hubs represent symbols of respect and change and have been adopted as emblems of local pride.

The GLV is coordinated in conjunction with individual communities using schools, libraries, maternal and childcare centres, super clinics and sporting bodies. Within each GLV hub, the delivery of government services can be redefined through a co-located strategy. Government agencies can become anchor tenants. By taking out long term leases, they would provide a virtuous circle of funding - saving tens of millions of dollars - instead of acting as separate holding companies.



GLV has support across Australian Governments, international leaders in ICT, business and philanthropy.

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The GLV aims to deliver practical idealism. It has...

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