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Communications are critical. The strategy is to link all GLV communities via the website using the latest Web 2.0 technology and social media to exchange ideas, pass on lessons learned, solve problems, showcase benefits and fast track evolution. The GLV will also produce broadcast quality reports ranging from life-saving and life-changing events to everyday incremental advances, along with programs and service delivery initiatives that improve the quality of people’s lives. It will also broadcast stories that focus on attitude, education and opportunity, attributes that largely determine where everyone ends up in life.

These would cover the gamut of lifelong learning: from producing stories for pre-school reading, bilingual story time, tutoring via computers, a Year 9 Leadership and Life Skills program, training for employment skills and jobs to TAFE and university courses through to a multiversity and access to the university of the third age.

In a first for journalism and multiculturalism, the GLV will help provide links to young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds with journalist mentors to create content for online publications, newspapers and magazines. The reports of all these innovations would be broadcast via the web and be made available for mainstream media.



GLV has support across Australian Governments, international leaders in ICT, business and philanthropy.

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