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Professor Bruce Wilson -

I am writing to support strongly the nomination of the Global Learning Village for a MAKSI Award. This is a very timely nomination as the concept has been tested thoroughly in the Hume Global Learning Village which is recognised widely as an international leader in lifelong learning and social justice.

In my roles as Co-Director of the PASCAL International Observatory and Director of the European Union Centre at RMIT, I am in constant contact with academics and policymakers in all parts of the world. Proposals related to the Global Learning Village concept are now common and interest in the achievements of Hume is very great.

The model links the three tiers of government with business and community, as well as educational institutions, providing a strong set of partnerships committed to systemic and intergenerational change.

I commend this nomination to you very warmly indeed. 

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Peter Scanlon -

I am very happy to provide you with some information about North Melbourne Football Club's Learning and Life Center, known as "The Huddle", being one of Australia's most innovative community facility embedded within an elite sporting environment.

The evolution of this facility has been assisted through the Foundation involvement with the City of Hume and the knowledge and experience gained from the Global Learning Village concept and the wide range of the services it provides to the multicultural population in this local government area.

The Huddle provides modern educational, sporting and engagement opportunities for the local community in the form of practical and professionally designed programs for people for all walks of life, particularly those from a culturally and linguistically diverse background.

These programs are designed to help build community capacity, promote multiculturalism and strengthen social cohesion across the community as a whole. Education, skills development, health promotion activities and lifelong learning opportunities open doors that can have a positive impact on the lives of individuals as well as on overall community wellbeing.

The North Melbourne Football Club indentified the need for programs that promote local engagement by bringing together people from diverse backgrounds living in North Melbourne, Flemington, Kensingtion and Ascot Vale.

The area is socially diverse. Gentrification has meant that it is now home to a number of relatively high-wealth individuals and families, living alongside public housing tenants and low-income families, many of but that does present its own unique challenges.

The Foundation has been very pleased to join with the Australian Multicultural Foundation in providing significant support to the North Melbourne Football Club in the development of this community facility.

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Kate Cornik -

As you are aware the Institute for Broadband Society (IEBS) is cross-disciplinary research institute dedicated to products, services, and innovations that maximise the benefit of new broadband technologies to Australian society. The Institute's activities cover a wide range of fields including content creation and delivery, delivery of remote health services and education, social networking, entertainment and broadband technology.

At IBES, we warmly support the Global learning Village Foundation and its aim to roll out the unique model for establishing smarter, healthier and better-connected communities for the 21st Century.

Given the transformative and enabling aspects of broadband, we feel our research interests are aligned with the practical results that have already been demonstrated through the Global Learning Village Model in Broadmeadows.

we look forward for continuing to explore possible areas of collaboration between our organisations.

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